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Kate Jenkins Bursary Fund

Directly after the loss of our pupil, Kate Jenkins, on 4 September 2004, the friends of the Jenkins family and members of our school community agreed to set up a Trust Fund in Kate’s memory, which could be used to sponsor the education of a child who best emulated the memorable attributes unique to Kate.

In 2016, the Board met to discuss the crisis in education in our country and the fact that this travesty of justice has resulted in the independent school sector being much sought after by parents who are striving to ensure that their children get the best opportunities in life, by receiving a sound, values-driven education. Due to the fact that private educational institutions are largely unsubsidised by the state, fees in these schools have escalated in their bid to maintain excellent standards and attract top-quality educators.

As a result, schools such as St Paulus have become financially unattainable to many. To counter this trend we have set up a Bursary Scheme to sponsor pupils, specifically pupils of colour, who would otherwise be unable to attend St Paulus, and also to subsidise, in the short-term, school fees for those pupils who may, due to the loss of a parent or a loss of income due to retrenchment, no longer be able to remain at St Paulus.

We have called this bursary scheme the “Kate Jenkins Bursary Scheme.”

Commitment to social & eco justice

As a school we appreciate all we have and receive every day through the Grace of God and therefore we have at least one drive per term in which we make our children aware of how fortunate we are.

Our annual Easter egg and Christmas gift present collections are distributed by the Knights of Da Gama in the Winterveld. We also support an orphanage in Hammanskraal and our children pack personalised “Gift Boxes” for each child. We visit these children and deliver these gifts. We have different drives where we become aware of specific needs, e.g. collecting of jerseys and blankets, shoes, clothes, books and stationery.

We also have a Sustainable Garden where we grow vegetables – taking these from seed to distribution. We take the produce to either a home for children, or a Retirement Centre. This year we managed to sell the Avocado Pears and with that money we are buying balls for the children at a Home for Abused Children.

Kate Jenkins Bursary Fund Updates

Giving Wings Donkey Derby Invite

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