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Occupational Therapists

Liani and Anneri are occupational therapists with more than 13 years’ experience. Their main therapy outcomes are for: attention span and arousal level, Sensory processing skills, Fine motor and gross motor skills, Handwriting skills, and Visual perceptual skills.

They established Therapy Factory, and work closely within a multi-disciplinary team including teachers. They are sensory integration trained and know how to enhance child development, also within the classroom.

They are frequently invited to give talks/seminars locally and internationally around this subject and have appeared on television, radio and contributed to magazine articles.

Having completed their DIR 201 qualification; a treatment approach which compliments SI therapy, the can successfully work with “hard to manage” children with developmental language, emotional and social delays. Liani is also trained in the Tomatis Method which is an intensive electronic auditory method that is used within the scope of OT to target insufficient general processing and concentration amongst many other benefits.

Anneri Oosthuizen: 0824509667

Liani Austin: 0760267615

Speech Therapist

Chanel Naudé: 0834464724

Communication is a building block upon which we as human beings construct other life skills. When communication is impaired, it will be challenging for the child to reach his full potential in class. Areas that are addressed by the speech-language therapist include language skills, auditory processing, phonological awareness, voice impairments, stuttering as well as articulation (sound production).

Educational Psychologist

Dr Thea Guldenpfennig: 082 854 3911

Play Therapist

Anna Rodrigues: 0829252876

Teaches a child how to: cope with bullying; assume responsibility for self; be creative in solving problems; control difficult feelings & express feelings responsibly; respect & trust self; make & amp; be responsible for choices; social skills; acceptable behaviour; positive self- concept; focus; fears; anger; anxiety; sadness; general trust; trauma; divorce & death.

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