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Fees and Applications

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    1. The Application Form must be completed online.
    2. Once the completed Application Form is received, we will contact you to give permission for a Credit Check to be performed.
    3. In the event of a positive score, we will contact you to set up an Academic Assessment for your child, and the following Enrolment Criteria documentation must be received:
      • A certified copy of the child/children’s Birth Certificate/s.
      • Certified copies of the parents/guardians’ ID documents.
      • A copy of the child/children’s Baptism Certificate/s (A requirement for Catholics).
      • A copy of report from current school (if applicable).
      • Financial Clearance from current school – to be sent to St Paulus by current school (from Grade 2 upwards)
      • Confidential Report from current school – to be sent to St Paulus by current school (from Grade 2 upwards) 
    1. Once the application has been considered you will be notified accordingly. In the event of a successful outcome in the Academic Assessment and on condition on space being available, an appointment will be made for parents to meet with the Principal , and Bursar to sign the following:
      • Tuition Contract (signed by both parents/guardians).
      • Debtor’s Policy (signed by both parents/guardians).
      • Code of Conduct. 
    1. The following is required and payable on enrolment:
      • An administration fee of R2500 per child.
      • A development fund payment of R8000 (once-off payment per family).
      • R6440 deposit per child which will be offset against the first month’s school fees.  
      • Completed Debit Order Form.
    This process does not guarantee that your application will be successful.. This application is only for the Grade for which you apply. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the School Office at 
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