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Board of Governors

The executive powers of the School are vested in the Board of Governors which acts on behalf of the school in all matters affecting the conduct of its affairs in furtherance of its objectives, most specifically to ensure:

  • Financial viability and sustainability
  • That the education provided is in accordance with the Word of God in fidelity to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church
  • That the education provided is of the highest standard and that it fully reflects the ethos and fulfils the objectives of a Catholic School and in the Dominican tradition
  • That the ethos and principles of Catholic education as set out in: The Distinctive Religious Character of the Catholic School and in policy documents are implemented
  • That the School functions in accordance with the requirements of a member school of the Catholic Schools’ Trust
  • The continued development and improvement of the School so that it continues to meet the challenges of an ever-changing society of which the School is a part.
  • The safety and wellbeing of all on the School premises, most especially the children.

Jonathan Stipinovich

Deputy Chair:
Henk Vryenhoek (Property Maintenance & Finance)

Deputy Chair:
Ilze Venter

Dominican/Trust Representative:
Sr Sheila Barret

Madeleen Gorst-Allman

Finance Chair:
Rushay Singh

Graeme Rissik

Governance, Ethics & Policy Matters:
Chopologe Koikanyang

Don McIntosh

PTA Representative:
Pamela van Zyl

Teacher Representative:
Corlia Prinsloo

Gillian Jooste

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