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St Paulus Pre-Primary

St Paulus Pre-Primary accommodates pupils from the ages of 4 years to 6 years old. The Pre-School is situated separately from the Primary School, and its 5 different play areas are enclosed to ensure the safety of the pupils. The school’s curriculum is based on the CAPS programme, with English and Afrikaans being taught on Home Language/Huistaal levels.

In addition to a specialised phonics programme, Time to Read, we offer the maths programmes of Mathegenius and Singapore Maths for the Grade Rs and Grade 00s respectively. Our Pre-Primary offers Music, Computers, SIM and Young Engineers as subjects.  St Paulus has an Aftercare facility that is available to all pupils.

We hold true to our Dominican ethos by accepting responsibility for Stewardship of Creation.

We have a Recycling Village and have been awarded our platinum status. Pupils are taught from Gr 00 how and why to recycle. St Paulus instils in the pupils a love for learning, an enthusiasm for truth, a love for others, a respect for the culture and religious values of all, and a willingness to serve in a spirit of healing and reconciliation.

St Paulus practices restorative justice. We have star charts in our classes to reward good behaviour and kindness towards others. Every Friday we select ‘Boys/Girls of the Week’ in every class.

We encourage healthy eating and request that our parents provide a healthy packed lunch. No sweets or fizzy drinks are allowed. Pupils must bring water bottles and are encouraged to drink throughout the day as hydration is important.

Grade 00s wear civvies and Grade Rs have a school uniform.

Pre-Primary Daily Programme

07:00 Outside free play
07:30 Inside free play
08:00 Religious Education (Lifebound Programme)
08:30 Time to Read (Phonics)
09:30 Snack
09:45 Maths (Gr 00 –Singapore Maths Programme and Gr 0 – Mathegenius Programme)
10:15 Art
11:00 Outside Play
11:50 Lunch
12:00 Topic Discussion and Story time
13:00 Home time or Afternoon Sport/Extra-Murals

Specialist subjects are also offered during the school day. These include:

  • Gr 00: Music, Young Engineers
  • Gr R: Music, SIM (Sensory Integrated Movement), Melican MulƟ-Media Centre, Young Engineers, Afrikaans, Computers and Physical Education.

Pre-School Assistants

Each Pre-school teacher has an Educator Assistant. All our Educator Assistants are completing degrees in Education and their involvement in our classrooms and with our children offers quality in-service training and enables them to put theory into practice under the guidance of qualified teachers.

Our Assistants work one-on-one with children who may need extra support as well as assisting with small group activities which gives the teacher time to concentrate on skills development with other pupils. Teacher and Assistant are a team, working together to help our little people to fully realise potential.

Our Teachers

Pre School Assistants

We have 5 dedicated, efficient, well-qualified, fun-loving teachers. Each teacher is assigned an educator assistant.

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After School Activities

Pre-Primarty activities

We offer a variety of sport and extracurricular activities to children of all different ages at St Paulus.

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Aftercare Facilities


We have aftercare facilities for children of all ages and supervised homework for Grades 1 – 7. Healthy meals are provided. We offer diverse sporting codes and extracurricular activities.

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