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Intersen Phase

When St Paulus pupils reach Grade 7, they fully reflect the core values for which we stand. We are proud of the principled, compassionate young people whom we send off to High School.

We work very hard at assisting our pupils to experience a smooth transition from the Foundation Phase to the Intersen Phase. For this reason, we have class teaching at Grade 4 level, only introducing subject teaching from Grade 5.

In Grades 5 – 7, our pupils still have Home Rooms and a dedicated class teacher with whom they are able to establish a sound relationship, while the core subjects – English, Afrikaans (Home Language/Huistaal) and Mathematics – are taught by experts in these fields. The curriculum also includes other core subjects and specialist subjects are offered in specific venues by subject specialists.

All our pupils participate in the Religious Education Programme which fully reflects our maxim: Respect for Self and Others. We separate our boys and girls for our Moral Education Programme for Grade 7 so that issues pertaining to young adolescents can be freely discussed.

Our Grade 7 Leadership Programme is unique and fully equips all our young people for the rigours of High School.

Our Teachers

Our highly motivated and qualified teachers focus on turning your children into focused, hard-working and respectful young adults.

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After School Activities

Intersen after school activities

We offer a variety of sporting codes and extracurricular activities to children of all ages.

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Aftercare Facilities


We have Aftercare facilities for children of all ages, and Supervised Homework Sessions for Grade 1 – Grade 7. Healthy meals are provided.

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Grade 7 Leadership Programme

Our Grade 7 Leadership Programme fully reflects our ethos in that it recognises the giftedness of each individual. We work from the premise that every one of our young adolescents has the potential to be a leader and that there are many and various ways in which to lead. As a result, all our Grade 7 pupils are involved in our Leadership Development Programme and all our pupils are able to develop their individual leadership potential.

Our model remains: Leadership for Service.

We believe that at Grade 7 level our pupils are too young for adults to be able to fairly identify only a small number of pupils who receive all the recognition and who become the school’s Leaders. Concentrating on a select, elite group, denies the rest of the group the chance to be exposed to leadership opportunities. We believe that this causes division and arrogance within a group when only some children are given privileges, and this is against our ethos.

We have found over the years, that empowering all our Grade 7s instead of a select few, gives everyone a sense of belonging which strengthens the bond within the group, gives each one a sense of ownership of the wellbeing of the school community and has a positive impact on discipline.

Our Grade 7s attend an intensive 2-Day hands-on Leadership Development Programme at the start of each year. This prepares them for the Leadership Camp which takes place early in February and during which the pupils are given many opportunities to discuss their collective objectives for the year. They also jointly work on their Grade 7 Song which is performed for the whole school on their return and which is sung at all our functions throughout the year.

At the outset, the class teachers divide the pupils into heterogeneous groups which become the home-groups for the year. The Religious Education Programme for the year is driven by our school’s motto; Veritas – Truth and the Gospel values of Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness. We also interrogate all aspects of justice: Social, Eco and Restorative Justice. The RE Programme is geared to enable pupils to explore issues within their home-groups and to identify solutions when behaviour in any way impacts on the harmony of the group.

A Leadership Badge Workshop is run every term. The material is based on global leadership trends and most specifically, values-driven trends that expose our pupils to ways of leading which are life-enhancing and inclusive.

The assessment of the acquisition of the skills which have been identified is criterion-driven and pupils are able to assess themselves and may meet with the HOD to discuss reasons for not achieving a badge. The teachers also actively assist pupils in acquiring the points they need in order to qualify for badges. There are 3 badges: Blue, Silver and Gold, and our pupils can track themselves and we work very hard at encouraging and assisting all Grade 7s to attain their Gold badges.

The Kate Jenkins Badge is awarded on the last day of the school year to those Grade 7 pupils who have sustained their level of service and commitment throughout the year and who, in the opinion of their teachers, continually went the extra mile and who at all times lived out our key focus concept: “Be Kind.” There is no limit to the number of pupils who may attain this badge annually.

The opportunity to acquire leadership skills and to tap into their leadership potential is a gift which should be freely given to all members of our leaving group. This enables them to explore relationships and to accept the responsibility implicit in being a leader – skills imperative for High School and for life. As our model is: Leadership for Service, our pupils gain first-hand understanding of the importance of underpinning any form of leadership role with compassion for those whom they have the privilege to lead.

As St Dominic before us, we strive to have:

Passion for Truth

And compassion for People.

Our Grade 7 Clubs

Interact Club

The Rotary Interact club of St Paulus is affiliated to the Rotary club of Pretoria Capital. It was started with the Grade 7 group of 2011. The children are exposed to vulnerable and desolate people in society and learn how to care for and develop empathy for people less fortunate than them. We are an outreach club which works with dedication, commitment and enthusiasm. In all we do we strive to develop our integrity, sincerity, responsibility and competence. We strive at all times to reach out and make a difference! We make and sell produce to raise funds for our various projects.

Our projects have included the following:

  • Tshwane Haven (Safe House)
  • Masca Community Centre (Creché and Retirement Centre)
  • Ons Tuis Retirement Centre
  • Margaretha Ackerman Retirement Centre
  • Vos Park Creché
  • Huis Silversig Retirement Centre
  • Peas in a Pod (Safe House)
  • Blanket Collection at Brooklyn Centre
  • Easter Egg Collection at Grove Centre
  • SPCA Waltloo
  • ABBA House

Sustainable Gardening Club

The Sustainable Gardening Club is a Grade Seven Community Service Club where the pupils grow vegetables for communities which could benefit. The Grade Seven pupils are involved in the entire process, from seed to distribution. This club aims to make pupils aware of the needs of people in other communities as well as teaching them how to cultivate their own vegetables. The Sustainable Gardening Club meets on a weekly basis where the pupils prepare the seedbeds, tend the vegetables and harvest for distribution. The pupils are given the opportunity to deliver the vegetables to communities in need. Serving the community in this manner is very rewarding for the pupils and they take great pride in taking care of their Sustainable Garden and learn many valuable life lessons, especially when meeting the recipients of their produce.

St Paulus Junior Rangers Club

We are a group of passionate individuals who spend time learning about our natural environment and how to conserve it. We increase our knowledge and skills regarding nature with a hands-on approach.

This we do in our own community by cleaning up areas around our school on a regular basis and keeping the St Paulus Koppie clean. We help neighbouring schools and have been to St Albans College to clean up their section of the Moreleta Spruit. We set an example by caring for our environment and nature.

We are a part of the SANParks Junior Rangers and as members we are given an opportunity to complete the level 1 of 5 files for which each ranger will receive a certificate and a badge. This programme supports the improvement of knowledge and understanding of what conservation is and how the SANParks organisation is involved.

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