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The Tuckshop at St Paulus offers healthy, fresh, cooked meals each day. They are prepared with the finest ingredients and each day offers a daily special. The pupils are able to avail themselves of either the Lunch Card system which is parent-prepaid driven, a monthly account, or cash.

Parents are always welcome for a chat or to come and enjoy a bean-to-cup of coffee. The two proprietors, Mrs Melissa Kuhn and Mrs Manuela da Conceicao are on hand to assist in whichever way our community needs.

You are welcome to contact them using the following contact details:


Mrs K: 071 788 3541 (Aunty Mel to our pupils)

Email or WhatsApp communication is preferable, as the volumes of information on a daily basis needs to be controlled and if you send us a message we shall respond.

At the Tuck Shop, we would like to assist the parents & pupils with various means of tender;

  1. Cash
  2. Debit / Cheque / Credit Card (for purchases over R25.00)
  3. Debit Accounts
    The parents complete an information sheet, with all the relevant details, including special instructions for us to follow. The pupils are able to purchase on the account daily (individual records are kept for verification) and we then bill the responsible individual monthly. The accounts are sent out via email, and payable each month. There is no service fees levied for this alternative, however, if the account remains in arrears, a collection fee is charged.
  4. Lunch Card
    At the beginning of each year, all new pupils are given the opportunity to have their photo taken for their Lunch Cards. This is not a compulsory medium, but merely an alternative for the parents that would like full control on their children’s account. A card is issued with the photo of the card holder (as only the cardholder is allowed to make use of the card – no siblings are permitted cross over purchasing), and once activated by the parent, they are able to make use of the card.It is imperative to take note that this alternative has a nominal annual card fee, and that it is completely parent driven. This means the parent alone has means to activate and keep the account in a credit balance, for the pupils to be able to make use of the card.More information is available on
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