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To safeguard the school premises and to protect the people within, St Paulus makes use of Security Guards on a 24/7 basis.

Persons wishing to enter the school premises but do not have the school’s valid access disc on display will be required to:

  • Submit to the procedures iro access tracking.
  • Driver will be asked to produce his/her driver’s licence, and/or the car licence will be scanned.
  • The driver will be asked the name of the person/department he/she is visiting.

The Security Guards may at any time stop a vehicle and ask the driver to:

  • Declare whether he/she has any dangerous object in his/her possession.


We are a four-star accredited school with regards to Health-and-Safety. 80% of our staff-members have Level 1 or 2 First Aid training with some key staff being Level 3 trained. We also have staff members trained in Fire-Fighting and every Grade has a SHE-Rep who reports any safety-concerns to our head of Health-and-Safety and to our Maintenance Team.

Professional Emergency Personnel and vehicles are present at all our Sport Matches and/or Fun Days.

At St Paulus, the safety of our children is our priority.

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