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Foundation Phase

The Foundation Phase promotes an holistic approach to education. We are committed to ensuring that every child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development is promoted.  We are also committed to ensuring that our curriculum is meaningful and reflects the needs of our ever-changing society.  We endeavour to teach respect for self and others. Being honest, (Veritas is our Motto) and developing integrity and accountability are character traits on which we place the most emphasis. We believe that the Foundation Phase is the most important phase of a child’s education. It lays the foundation for the acquisition of all essential skills and knowledge and is of primary

CAPS is used as a guide to our curriculum. We follow the Time to Read language programme, which ensures the systematic development of reading, spelling and comprehension. The Mathegenius Programme forms the basis of our mathematics curriculum and helps our children to develop a firm mathematical foundation.  Our curriculum further includes Computers, Music, Physical Education (PE), Sepedi, Art and Design & Technology. All these disciplines are presented by teachers specialising in these areas. In Grade 1 every child participates in SIM sessions.

During these sessions, children are continuously exploring their 7 senses, resulting in improved sensory integration skills, which are vital for learning. It is ultimately our calling to guide children along their journey to becoming responsible and accountable individuals.

Our Teachers

Our highly motivated and qualified teachers focus on encouraging children to become focused, hard-working and respectful young adults.

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After School Activities

Foundation activities

We offer a variety of age-appropriate sporting codes and extracurricular activities.

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Aftercare Facilities


We have Aftercare facilities for children from Grade 00 – Grade 7 and we offer Supervised Homework sessions for Grade 1 – Grade 7. Healthy meals are provided.

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