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At St Paulus we are passionate about STEM education! We integrate technology, Science and Mathematics into our teaching and learning in a meaningful manner.

Our aim is to ensure that all of our children are able to navigate our digital world. From Grade R – 3 we concentrate on integrating language and mathematical concepts into virtual interactive lessons. We also cover basic coding, employing the use of ‘coding mice-bots’ and coding apps such as Scratch.

In addition to covering the basics of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint, the Coding4Kids curriculum is implement in Grade 4 – 7.

Coding4Kids is a complete coding, robotics, and IT curriculum designed to develop problem-solving and logical-thinking skills, using real-world tools and content.

The curriculum includes introductions to HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Robotics and Information Technology.

We also address the dangers associated with the use of social media, cyber-bullying, and the importance of ensuring a healthy digital footprint.

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