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Parent Teacher Association

Together, this dynamic team organises exciting events for our children and parents. The funds raised during these events are used for  ‘nice-to-have’ projects in the school. Any parent can join the PTA team and become part of a tradition that’s been treasured for decades.

The PTA is a committee comprising parents and educator staff, as well as the Principal and the Management Team.

The major responsibilities of this committee are to:

  • Support the Board and the school’s management in its endeavours for the good of the school in general, and in the pupil’s best interests.
  • Engender goodwill among parents.
  • Promote sound relations between parents and educators.
  • Raise money to provide the school with items, often referred to as the “nice-to-haves”, which it would otherwise not be able to obtain.
  • Organize social and fundraising events and assist the school with certain school events, such as catering for functions.


PTA School Days

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